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Whoa, it’s been a while since I last updated this blog and post new pictures!! But first I want to say THANK YOU to every single person from around the WORLD who have been tagging me, tweeting me, sending me photos of hearts and love and all the awesome beautiful things that make me and everyone else who sees it – SMILE and feel LOVED!!! πŸ™‚

I’ve found another way to SHARE my passion and what I LOVE called Surfista Travels in the Philippines and that’s what’s been keeping me pretty busy. I don’t just get photos this time but I get to interact and meet so many more people that I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for Surfista. So I know you guys want to see your photos on this site, but know that I DO keep all of them and appreciate each one of them.

If you want to see what’s been taking my time away from this blog (haha), check out or the facebook page or e-mail me at

Thanks for sharing and spreading the love (and this time the Surfista love too!!!)




I love surfers.

I heart Kassia’s heart designs πŸ™‚

Who said you needed to be bad-ass and only ride big waves to be a real hardcore SURFER??? If I’ve learned anything, it’s that surfers are actually one of the most chill and loving people on the planet. In order to enjoy what we do, we have to LOVE the beach, ocean, nature, our friends, ourselves, being in the moment and sharing that feeling with everyone. So yay, I think surfers who can pose with hearts are as bas-ass as bad-ass can get! ❀ Haha

Got to ask Bali’s Lee Wilson to pose with a heart in Thailand, ha ha

Coco Ho from Hawaii

Carissa Moore from Hawaii

Donavon Frankenreiter visits & sings in Manila πŸ™‚

Photo by Sanuk’s Jeff Kelley – another awesome surfer

Elaine Abonal (me!!) with Donavon Frankenreiter

He told me, “I love hearts and rainbows and sunsets.” Awesomeness. My kinda guy!

Matt Grundy (awesome musician & in Donavon’s band) has a real heart on his sleeve!

Another heart on Matt Grundy’s sleeve πŸ™‚

Super nice & awesome Brazilian Japanese surfer Akihiro Sato

Hanging out with my favorite surfer (& brother from another mother) Luke Landrigan in Phuket, Thailand

with Ronnie Esquivel, amazine one-legged surfer of La Union

Sharing the Surf Love

I believe that a surfer is a surfer – whether you hold 10 World Champion titles (aka Kelly Slater) or are a 5-year-old catching teeny tiny waves that just break near the shore. I’ve noticed that so many people these days are getting so caught up in riding the perfect barrel or catching the biggest wave or riding left-hand breakers that nobody else knows of. I admit that yes, those ARE cool, but at the end of the day (for me at least) surfing is about playing and dancing with the ocean, living and loving every second of it, and sharing that love and stoke with friends.

I just feel lucky and blessed that I do have those people that I can share my ocean heart with. As they say, the stoke is multiplied a hundred times if you’re sharing the awesome moments with your friends.

Read this in a surf magazine. So true!

Trying to make heart shapes with the 2 Carlas... not easy!

I love surfing & goofing around with my surf girl friends

Sunsets in Batanes from Cathy

Koa Smith

Bacon & pan de sal Brekkys in La Union from Kiddo

with Will and JP

pink hearts surf zinc



me & kage risking our lives in the impact zone to take a heart photo!

La Union, Philippines

A little bit more of surf love with and from my surf friends at my favorite home sweet home spot in the Philippines : )

Prince of Philippine Surf, Luke Landrigan

zinc on one of the local kids

at the surf apartments, Jam (with her awesome shirt)

Nikki's little heart tattoo

on Kagey's surfboard

love for surf, photo by Alf Molo

fisheye lomo love too, sent by Noelle

From my surfer friends : )

I think the people most supportive of this heart project/collection are the people I go surfing with! Ha ha! They tease me about it being cheesy or baduy (Tagalog for cheesy, which is even cheesier than cheesy) but end up sending me photos from their travels or posing for me when I ask anyway. Then again, I’m not surprised. Surfers are the most chill people I know, individuals who go with the flow and are always in the moment. We share our stoke and love for the ocean and for each other. (Cheesy!!) Ok, I’ll stop now.

Many others have sent photos from Spain, France, Indonesia, etc but here are more photos from my other fellow ocean lovers.

Kiddo & Amy on their wedding day

Amy, the beautiful bride, on her wedding day

Earl on his wedding day

Post surf stoke in La Union (and Olracs with a flower on his head)


Samar Bromance: JP, Vic & Delfin

Carla & Carlo (and Mia hiding in between), Samar

I can't believe you did this Mike! Zambales

Baler love.


If you’re a surfer and want to be part of this, send me a message/photo on Facebook or by e-mail. You know you want to! Hahaha

Longboard Makeover

Sometimes, in the world of surfing, there are days when it’s raining and there are no waves or when they’re too big and choppy and not a pleasure to ride. So one day, when I was “living” in one of my favorite surf spots in the Philippines and it wasn’t a good day to surf, I decided to give one of my friend’s longboards a makeover. : ) The heart was actually his idea and it was already there. All I needed to do was add more colors to it and a bit of spunk. It turned out pretty well! Now I want to design my own surfboard! : )


what it orginally looked like, by Luke

I begin to work!

VOILA! The finished product : )

board is now used for the Billabong San Juan Surf School

my little model, Beau

now Beau can have her own heart surfboard too : )

Bali, Indonesia

As a surfer, it’s one of our “obligatory” duties in life to visit one of the world’s surf meccas. Bali, Indonesia is obviously one of them, if not the most popular. Β Although I would say it is inundated with tourists in most parts, one can still say that the food, countless surf spots, intricate art, and Hindu influence is not so difficult to like or love. It was written about and filmed in the book/movie Eat, Pray, Love wasn’t it?

Here are random photos from my friends so surf/bodyboard/simply love the water and to travel to show their fondness for this island.

Photoshooting in Seminyak, Elaina & Noelle

Balinese door design, Kage & Jam

Floral art & offerings, Trizzia

Seminyak, Noelle

Breast Cancer Awarness week, Bali

I totally want that shirt!! Anyone willing to buy me one in Bali and send it? Ha ha!

Beatles quote in Kuta

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