From my surfer friends : )

I think the people most supportive of this heart project/collection are the people I go surfing with! Ha ha! They tease me about it being cheesy or baduy (Tagalog for cheesy, which is even cheesier than cheesy) but end up sending me photos from their travels or posing for me when I ask anyway. Then again, I’m not surprised. Surfers are the most chill people I know, individuals who go with the flow and are always in the moment. We share our stoke and love for the ocean and for each other. (Cheesy!!) Ok, I’ll stop now.

Many others have sent photos from Spain, France, Indonesia, etc but here are more photos from my other fellow ocean lovers.

Kiddo & Amy on their wedding day

Amy, the beautiful bride, on her wedding day

Earl on his wedding day

Post surf stoke in La Union (and Olracs with a flower on his head)


Samar Bromance: JP, Vic & Delfin

Carla & Carlo (and Mia hiding in between), Samar

I can't believe you did this Mike! Zambales

Baler love.


If you’re a surfer and want to be part of this, send me a message/photo on Facebook or by e-mail. You know you want to! Hahaha


United States of America

With surf love from California, Luke & Kai

San Francisco, California from Ria

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco from Ria

Hollywood, CA from Xavier & Mikel

California photo by Noelle

World traveler Dab in Philadelphia

The same LOVE sculpture in New York City, from Mira

Nicki showing her love for the summer in Wisconsin

Armand took this photo for me while in Miami, Florida : )

This photo is one of my all time favorites!! : )

American pride, taken by Trizzia while traveling around the world

Mickey Mouse's hands! Disneyland USA from Trizzia

more San Francisco lovin from Anna