Hearts in Art & Fashion

my body paint when I dressed up as Pocahontas at a costume surf competition

Random and assorted photos of and with hearts from my friends around the world – that are found on walls, in the city, on clothes, etc.

Gill at the Circle Hostel in Zambales, Philippines

Love the ocean. Zambales, Philippines by Amanda

Prague, Czech Republic from Cat Juan Ladesma

My DIY skirt

Shopping in Amsterdam by Lea

What I wore to work for my pre-school student, awww

STOP! In the name of love…

Do you see it?

Meghan from Canada’s heart sunnies

Hawaiian art sent by Jun & Trina – she looks like me!!! Ha ha

Venice Beach, California from Kage


My new love: Surfista Travels Philippines

Whoa, it’s been a while since I last updated this blog and post new pictures!! But first I want to say THANK YOU to every single person from around the WORLD who have been tagging me, tweeting me, sending me photos of hearts and love and all the awesome beautiful things that make me and everyone else who sees it – SMILE and feel LOVED!!! πŸ™‚

I’ve found another way to SHARE my passion and what I LOVE called Surfista Travels in the Philippines and that’s what’s been keeping me pretty busy. I don’t just get photos this time but I get to interact and meet so many more people that I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for Surfista. So I know you guys want to see your photos on this site, but know that I DO keep all of them and appreciate each one of them.

If you want to see what’s been taking my time away from this blog (haha), check out www.surfisatravels.com or the facebook page http://www.facebook.com/SurfistaTravels or e-mail me at surfistatravels@yahoo.com.

Thanks for sharing and spreading the love (and this time the Surfista love too!!!)



I love surfers.

I heart Kassia’s heart designs πŸ™‚

Who said you needed to be bad-ass and only ride big waves to be a real hardcore SURFER??? If I’ve learned anything, it’s that surfers are actually one of the most chill and loving people on the planet. In order to enjoy what we do, we have to LOVE the beach, ocean, nature, our friends, ourselves, being in the moment and sharing that feeling with everyone. So yay, I think surfers who can pose with hearts are as bas-ass as bad-ass can get! ❀ Haha

Got to ask Bali’s Lee Wilson to pose with a heart in Thailand, ha ha

Coco Ho from Hawaii

Carissa Moore from Hawaii

Donavon Frankenreiter visits & sings in Manila πŸ™‚

Photo by Sanuk’s Jeff Kelley – another awesome surfer

Elaine Abonal (me!!) with Donavon Frankenreiter

He told me, “I love hearts and rainbows and sunsets.” Awesomeness. My kinda guy!

Matt Grundy (awesome musician & in Donavon’s band) has a real heart on his sleeve!

Another heart on Matt Grundy’s sleeve πŸ™‚

Super nice & awesome Brazilian Japanese surfer Akihiro Sato

Hanging out with my favorite surfer (& brother from another mother) Luke Landrigan in Phuket, Thailand

with Ronnie Esquivel, amazine one-legged surfer of La Union

Following their hearts in Europe

More random photos around the European continent from friends!


Postcard from Amsterdam!!! from Armand

Heart stamp from the Netherlands

What kind of shop is this Armand?? Haha! Amsterdam

Mika traveling the world/Europe!

Leaf in the forest in the Basque Country by Ananda

Trizzia in Greece

Heart wreaths in Slovenia, from Trizzia

Art on a chair in Vienna by Ivan


Stockholm Sweden, still by Trizzia (my world traveling friend)

Kat in Budapest



Love for anything that has to do with the big blue ocean, the sea, surfing, water, waves, tropical sunsets, sea shells, sand art, etc. Photos from friends, mostly from the Philippines. : ) Enjoy!


A little sand man I made on the beach : )

Maica & Coco

surfboard love



in El Nido, Palawan (those are my niece's hands, it took 20 tries to get this right!)

my first time to wakeboard


Ocean Stars!! Don't worry, I put them all back in πŸ™‚





photo by Alma in Pagudpud

sent by Ugo from photographer Stephan Salerno

We heart celebs.

These are people to have inspired us by doing the things they love to do, be it singing or riding horses. I’ve seen a photo of Beyonce doing this pose and a Spanish boy band having a music video doing this. I have to find it! But in the meantime, here are celebs who have decided to spread the love to the world.


with an Australian boy band called North, during an MTV interview

a concert photo of Taylor Swift

I wish I could watch a concert of Jason Mraz!

Asking world renowned Polo player, Nacho Figueras, to participate...

poor guy, he probably didn't know what he was doing... Thanks for being a sport though, Nacho!!


One of my favorite photos in this collection!!! Here with a smiling Nacho Figueras after a polo match in the Philippines : )

"running into" Nacho again at the Singapore airport... ha ha ha!

Love is Natural.

It’s funny how even when I don’t consciously look for heart shaped leaves, they just appear out of nowhere. No kidding! It’s kind of cool though, because they’re like little messages from the universe saying, “Hey Elaine, we’re in on your little project too.” So here are random messages from Mother Nature by photos of my friends and myself reminding us to take care and love the earth we are in ; ). Enjoy!

found this leaf while jogging!

What can I say? Love can kinda sting sometimes ; )

Water drops from Ananda

Beautiful leaf and tiny flowers from Sheila

How awesome is this cloud?!?!?

This leaf came from a stem with a bunch of other leaves that did NOT look like this one at all. This one is special! : )

in Baguio with my sister

Love mother nature. It's the only one we've got.

Phuket, Thailand from Mika

Canadian Carvings from Meghan

Pumice stone found in Australia from Millie

Isn't this cool?? Water forming a heart shape from Rory

This heart was made of volcanic rock

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