Sweetness from Singapore

Most of these photos come from my sister, Isabel. She went to Singapore for Valentines Day and I think that it was the best place to be to find hearts everywhere! It was really sweet of her to take photos of everything and give them to me. See, even if she and I fight and have our misunderstandings, I know that deep down she loves me!!! : ) Haha. Enjoy these photos from her and from a couple of other friends who went to Singapore as well.


my beautiful sister

orchard central heart entrance!

heart balloons

Ikea, Singapore - lots of heart stuff in here

I have one of these!! : )

I love you in different languages, Karla

photo from Karla

from a Dali art exhibit from Mathilde


Hearts All Around Asia

Heart shaped coral from Cecilia, Thailand

from Jen in Shanghai, China

TJ in Beijing, China

Writing on the snow of the Great Wall of China, Beijing


Maica & friends in the temple of love I think in Japan

Love locks from Japan, photo by Andrew

Andrew showing his heart in Seoul, Korea

Isa with the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Via in Malaysia

Armand with a really cool photo collage in Singapore


Hey it's the thought that counts right? Celine trying to make a heart jump in Singapore

Me on the bridge next to Fullerton Hotel (I need to figure out its name), Singapore

Cute Lucca in Vietnam

Anna & Lucca in Vietnam


Saigon, Vietnam from Trizzia