Lea sends some lovin’ from PARIS

Lea in front of l'arc de Triomphe in Paris, France

          I used to be a group leader and chaperone to other Filipino exchange students to Europe (France, Spain, the UK). It’s fun although taking care of younger students and making sure they’re safe (and going to their classes) – while wanting to skip class and roam around myself – is not the easiest thing. Especially when you’re in another country. But once in a while, there are those ones that help you out and make you remember why you love being with people, especially those younger than you, and why you volunteer to do things like that.

          Here’s Lea – a girl I went to the United Kingdom with. We took heart photos in London and Scotland together and she reminded me of myself when I was 16! She knew I was an exchange student to the US when I was in high school and told me that she wanted to do that herself. NOW, she is spending a year in the Netherlands as an exchange student and is traveling, meeting new people, learning a new language & spending the best time of her life!

          One of the most heartwarming things anyone has ever told me was from her when said, “Thanks for being the inspiration to go on one of the greatest adventures of my life! Thanks  for being one of the greatest people I could look up to and be inspired. You were one of the key people who got me to want to go on gap year. :”) loveyouso!”

          It’s kinda nice when somebody tells you that you’re made a difference in their life : )

          So here are some photos from Lea during her trip to PARIS, France. She’s been sending me tons from Europe and will be sharing them eventually. xoxo

Lea and friend under the Eiffel tower

view from the Eiffel tower

the Notre Dame



Following their hearts in Europe

More random photos around the European continent from friends!


Postcard from Amsterdam!!! from Armand

Heart stamp from the Netherlands

What kind of shop is this Armand?? Haha! Amsterdam

Mika traveling the world/Europe!

Leaf in the forest in the Basque Country by Ananda

Trizzia in Greece

Heart wreaths in Slovenia, from Trizzia

Art on a chair in Vienna by Ivan


Stockholm Sweden, still by Trizzia (my world traveling friend)

Kat in Budapest


Paris, France

Ahhh… l’amour. How can anyone not feel a little bit of romance while in this city? (Or am I just being way too romantic or cheesy?)

Voila! Heart photos from the world famous city of loooooove, PARIS!

Trocadero, Paris, Jocelle


Eiffel Tower at Trocadero, Bon


La Tour Eiffel love by Jocelle


same place, different time & hands, Mika & Abe

which in English means…

photo by Bon


Champs Elysées, Paris, Coco

Outside the Louvre Museum, Karen

Inside the Louvre, Mika & Abe

A little bit of vandalism in our favorite pub, Elaina & Elise

Morbid but cute, Les Catacombes, Mika

taxi phone photo by Bon

I'm not sure where she got this, but it's in Paris! Marga